Notre Dame de Bellecombe

Traditional and Breath-taking

The apartment is just an hour and twenty minutes away from apartment 1 so naturally a lot of the attractions are similar. Both Geneva airport and Chambrey are also an hour and twenty minutes away. Calais is 8 hours drive away but again if you want to embrace the French culture it’s a great place to do so.

Boutique Shopping is readily available and is an activity you’ll definitely want to indulge in if you have an eye for fashion. Fantastic restaurants are 10 minutes drive away in Megeve and offer fantastic food.

The apartment boasts some luxurious features aside from just being in a beautiful location. You’ll be provided with underfloor heating which is incredibly relaxing after a full-on day of fun. Combined with this you will also be provided with an ensuite so you can max out your laziness levels once you settle down for the day!

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Praz Sure Arly

The first beautiful resort is the Praz Sur Arly, with a brilliant town-like atmosphere rarely found in similar resorts. Plenty of leisurely activities are available at the resort such as skiing and snowboarding but you can also find other activities to enjoy the mountains, paragliding is an option for the brave of heart here or an unforgettable hot air balloon ride. Accommodation features for families are on offer and include kids activities, equipment rental and even prams.


The best way to describe Flumet is traditional and breath-taking. A soothing atmosphere is present in this fantastic resort where you’ll find chalets scattered across the whole town. Arguably one of the greatest things about this particular resort is that the surrounding area is breathtaking, from forests to rivers you can really appreciate for hours upon end.

Crest-Voland / Cohenoz

A great resort for either summer or winter, you’ll be part of a lively village atmosphere that has been present there for years. In the winter you’ll find modern ski lifts that will take you to slopes for the whole family with the availability of beginner and expert slopes. If you visit in summer you’ll find all the usual activities such as mountain biking and hiking.

Les Saisies

The most well-known of the six resorts in the Espace Diamant is without a doubt Les Saisies. Interestingly, the ambassador of the resort is Frank Piccard, winner of a gold medal at the Winter Olympics and well-versed in everything there is to see at the resort (and everything there is to ski!) Like the other resorts it’s not only fantastic slopes that you’ll find her but also a variety of activities from snowshoeing to dog sledding!

Right at the heart of the e-space Diamant

This resort is right at the heart of the e-space Diamant and unlike the other action packed resorts is a place perfect for relaxing. There are a grand total of 152 runs to take part in if you get a little bored of relaxing though! Skiing isn’t the only activity available however as you’ll also be able to found routes for both snowshoeing, walking and cycling / mountain biking.

Notre Dame de Bellecombe

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This resort is right at the heart of the e-space Diamant and unlike the other action packed resorts is a place perfect for relaxing.


Are open in the winter for skiers/ boarders from mid December until April then during the summer months for walkers and mountain bikers.


When joining us in the winter you’ll have access to multiple linked resorts. The resorts are famous tourist attractions and are referred to as the Espace Diamant, all resorts are fantastic and the people in these places are always in high spirits.


Both properties are within easy distance of the famous Tour de Mont Blanc, apartment 2 is also within the tour de Beaufortain.


Ponies can be booked for various treks from the riding school direct 3k’s from apartment 1


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